Why Choose Us?

     At the Institute of Trigger Point Therapy we take great pride in helping people who are unable to find significant pain relief via traditional means. We offer very effective treatments in an informal, personal setting. We know your time is important, so we do not overbook patients. If you call to book an appointment, you will speak to Dr. Perry herself, so that she can answer any questions you may have before you schedule an appointment. Below is a description of our clinical services and some frequently asked questions.

What to Expect

     Dr. Perry practices a system of clinical bodywork, that she developed, called Clinical Trigger Point Therapy. The essence of the system is to allow the patient's pain to direct the treatment. In this manner, each clinical session is customized to the individual patient. This is achieved by constant interaction and feedback between the Dr. Perry and the patient. A typical clinical treatment consists of the following components:
  • A brief history (or update) of the patient's pain is discussed.
  • Based on this information, Dr. Perry will begin examining the patient for common trigger points.
  • During this process, the patient is asked to give constant feedback as to the location and severity of their pain. This will aid Dr. Perry in quickly finding the responsible trigger points.
  • This process is not a test of the patient's pain tolerance, the patient is is control of the pain's intensity at all times. Dr. Perry will elicit only enough pain to guide the treatment.

General Details
  • Dr. Perry provides all clinical services.
  • A clinical session generally lasts from 25-40 minutes.
  • Trigger Point Therapy consists of hands-on "pressure point" type of massage and specialized stretching techniques.
  • The joint manipulation component of the treatment is either traditional Chiropractic manipulation or a Soft tissue release type of manipulation for those patients who would prefer not to receive traditional Chiropractic manipulation.
  • All work is done with the patient's clothes on.
  • Each treatment is customized to the patient's individual needs.
  • Most acute pain disorders typically take 1-3 treatments to achieve lasting pain relief. If the pain is a chronic condition, it may take 4-8 treatments to achieve lasting pain relief.
  • After a session you should expect to feel looser and more relaxed (reduced muscle tension). Though it is likely that your pain will be significantly reduced after a session, in some acute pain situations it may take several hours for the involved muscles to relax and provide significant pain relief.


  • Price per session is $75
  • Forms of payment accepted are Cash or Check. (No Credit Cards accepted)
  • Dr. Perry does not accept Insurance, but she will provide an itemized billing record for you to make a reimbursement claim.
  • Call (713) 962-4934 to make an appointment.