In early 2011, we revamped our Clinical Trigger Point Therapy Program to make it available online. We did this for a couple reasons:

  • First, and foremost, we want to make the invaluable work of Dr. Travell and Dr. Simons available to everyone at any time, not just those therapists in our immediate vicinity. 
  • Second, we want to make this unique educational experience more affordable for healthcare practitioners. By taking the program online we will be able to significantly reduce our costs (rent, copying costs, etc) entailed in providing this program, and thus be able to pass on those savings to the program participants.
  • Third, we think the videos and other materials provided in the online program will serve as an excellent ongoing clinical reference for those practicing Trigger Point Therapy. The instruction in this online program is very detailed and has been organized in a manner to make it easy to review the techniques and protocols taught.
  • Lastly, we wanted to take this opportunity to improve the Clinical Program itself. We have learned a great deal in both practicing and teaching Clinical Trigger Point Therapy over the last few years, and we finally got a chance to update and improve the program. Additionally, the way that we have designed the new program will make it much easier to update it in the future.

We launched a new website for established trigger point therapy practitioners and for those who want to learn Trigger Point Therapy at While I no longer teach group classes in Trigger Point Therapy, I do teach private classes. The following are the options currently available for anyone who wishes to learn Clinical Trigger Point Therapy:

  • Private Instruction Packages : These are private classes for each of the protocols that I teach in my system. Included in each package are a DVD, PDF notes, and 1.5 to 2.5 hours of hands-on instruction with me for each protocol. When you purchase a package, I will contact you about setting up a time to get together for the private instruction. I generally like to have two therapists in my private classes to make it easier for me to teach hands-on material, so I will try to schedule two therapist at a time. If you want to be certified by me in Clinical Trigger Point Therapy this is currently the only option available. The total cost is about $1100 (it used to be $1500 for the group class) but you can pay-as-you-go. You can learn more here: Private Trigger Point Therapy Classes
  • Complete Clinical Trigger Point Therapy 10-DVD Set: You can purchase our 10-DVD set and learn our system on your own. The DVDs are both detailed and comprehensive, so with a little self-study you can put the techniques and protocols to work on your clients quite quickly. Though I do not certify therapists that take the self-study courses, you can take an online test to become a Registered Trigger Point Therapist. Becoming a registered therapist will allow us to put you in our online Trigger Point Therapist Directory for referrals from the network and give you some search engine visibility. The cost for the 10-DVD Set is $499.99 +tax+ shipping. Learn more here: Trigger Point Courses
  • Complete Program Video Download Bundle: This is the same content in our 10-DVD Set,  but in the form of digital video downloads, instead of DVDs. The videos can be played on your computer with iTunes or Quicktime Player, and can even be put on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for ease of reference while you are learning the material. This format also has the advantage of allowing you to get started today, with no waiting on classes to be scheduled or DVDs to arrive in the mail. Like with the DVDs, this is a self study course and allows you to become a Registered Trigger Point Therapist, but not a Certified Clinical Trigger Point Therapist. The cost is $499.99 and includes PDF guides for all the videos. Learn more here: Trigger Point Courses

We hope that the new self-study and private instruction formats will be a "win-win" for everybody involved, and provide the flexibility needed to expand the practice of Trigger Point Therapy to everyone that needs it.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. Laura Perry

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