Dear Fellow Healthcare Professionals,

      My name is Dr. Laura Perry. I am a chiropractor in Houston, Texas. I write this today in an effort to reach people who have found themselves in a similar situation to mine. What I have to say will only take a few minutes of your time, and I think that you will benefit from my message, so here it goes.

This Is Not Going to Make You Rich.
      First, let me begin, by saying that what I have to offer you is not going to make you rich. If you feel that the only thing that can make you happier is making more money, then I'm not sure that you will find much value in what I have to offer you. Sure, if you master the clinical skills that I detail in my program, you will develop a strong client/patient base, and you probably will enjoy a more lucrative practice over time. But I urge you to put the idea of making money aside for now, and focus on a more important objective.

Finding A Purpose.
      When I began Chiropractic college, I had dreams of being wealthy someday, but I also had the desire to help people. I found that many of my classmates had this same desire, and many left well-paying jobs to start a career in healthcare for this very reason. I'm sure that when you chose a career in healthcare, you also were motivated by a desire to be of service, by a desire to help people.

The Reality of Healthcare.
      Unfortunately, if your like me and most of the healthcare professionals that I know, the desire to help people took a backseat to day-to-day reality somewhere along your path. The reality of the healthcare business is just that, it is a business. Or more specifically, it is in the business of making money, and not necessarily focused on helping people.
      When I got out of Chiropractic college, I was simply not prepared to face the reality of my career path. I bounced from job to job, trying to make enough money to pay my student loans, let alone live on. Every job had one common goal, to make money for the boss. I quickly found that if I was going to keep my job, I had to forget about helping people.
      What is worse, I found out that my patients were more interested in making money themselves, and that they really didn't care if I could help them. They just wanted a large workers compensation, or lawsuit settlement. The whole operation was just "business as usual". The doctors set ridiculous treatment plans, and the staff went and picked up the patients everyday, provided their "therapy" and took them back home. I found myself asking "Is this what I went through seven years of college for?. Not to mention my student loans." I was disillusioned, heart-broken, and disgusted.

Taking a New Path.
      After several years of waking up and dreading my life, I decided that I needed to make a change if I was going to stay in the healthcare field. I knew that there were patients out there that needed help, and I rededicated myself to learning how to help them. My goal on this new path was simple, I wanted to go to bed each night knowing that I had made a difference in somebody's life, that I had made their life better.
      A friend of mine had told me about the work of
Dr. Janet Travell M.D. and Dr. David Simons M.D.. They had written two medical textbooks titled Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manuals. And even though the material in these textbooks wasn't exactly designed for Chiropractors or other hands-on therapies, I recognized the immense value of their research, and knew I had to make use of it somehow.

The Power of Science.
      This wasn't my first foray into alternative healthcare methods. During and after college, I explored and learned many systems of bodywork and manual therapies. I would get excited about a new method, only to be let down later by inconsistent results. The techniques always seemed to work in class, but more often than not, they failed to work with my patients.
      But after taking just a brief look at the work of Drs. Travell and Simons, I knew their approach was a whole different story. The difference was the scientific methods that they employed in doing their research and developing their therapies. At every step of the way, they took measures to avoid fooling themselves with their own human nature. It was evident that they really put some work into this, a lifetime of work. The result was a unique and highly effective approach to understanding and relieving physical pain, an approach that I knew would give consistent clinical results. I was sold. Now I just had to figure a way to adapt their work to suit my scope of practice.

Professional Liberation.
     I began adapting and utilizing the work of Drs. Travell and Simons in my personal practice in 2001. The results were very encouraging. No longer did it take 8-10 treatments to get my patients out of pain. In acute cases, my patients were responding in one or two treatments. In chronic pain situations, the patients responded in three to six treatments. I knew I could do better, so I continued to study and refine my protocols.
      Each patient became a learning experience for me. I made an effort to really understand each patient's pain. And then it started to happen. I was making a difference in their lives. Even though my methods were often uncomfortable for the patient, I found nearly all of them left my office with a smile on their face. I had given them hope. I had given them more control of their life. They were no longer slaves to the physical pain in their life.

Personal Liberation.
     What a revelation! After all these years, I was finally living the dream that I had envisioned when I began Chiropractic college. I was truly helping people. And I found that it changed everything in my life. I went to bed every night knowing that I had made a difference in someone's life. And I awoke each morning with a smile on my face. I feel blessed to have this opportunity and to live this life.

Sharing the Wealth.
      So it is this opportunity that I want to share with you. I want you to know the satisfaction that comes with truly helping someone to live a better life. I want to offer you the skills to understand someone in a manner that no one ever has before. I want to offer you a new path. Granted, it will take a lot of work from you. I cannot walk your path for you, but I can walk it with you.

The 60-hour Clinical Trigger Point Therapy Program.
      In 2003, as word spread about my clinical success, there was a growing demand for me to share my experience with fellow healthcare practioners. In response to this demand, my husband and I spent over two years developing a 60-hour Clinical Trigger Point Therapy Program based directly on the clinical protocols that I employ in my daily practice. The program was an instant success, and is now considered by many to be the most comprehensive and effective Trigger Point Therapy education in the country. I have found that I learn as much from teaching as I do from my daily practice and studies. Teaching is truly a mutually beneficial experience.

The First Step.
      I must say that I no longer believe in coincidences. I believe that if my message has found its way to you, then you probably share the same desire that I do, the desire to genuinely help people. Not many people get the opportunity to make a living doing something that they love. I would like to make available to you the same opportunity that I was fortunate enough to get. To get started, I would like to invite you to
learn more about my 60-Hour Program by clicking here.

     Thank you for your time and interest. I hope to share my love of Trigger Point Therapy with you soon.

Dr. Laura Perry DC, LMT