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Pain is a Language

Dr. Laura Perry, Trigger Point Therapist in Houston, Texas

About Dr. Perry

Dr. Perry is a chiropractor in Houston Texas that specializes in Clinical Trigger Point Therapy. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Perry has gained a reputation for her remarkable ability to understand and relieve many types of physical pain.


In 2001, she founded The Institute of Trigger Point Therapy with the dream of spreading the unique benefits of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy worldwide. Thousands of students and patients later, she has fulfilled her dream. She continues to practice part-time in Houston.

Understanding Pain

Understanding Physical Pain

Your pain has a purpose.

It may seem obvious, but I can’t tell you how often that I see people overlook this simple fact. When pain has control of your life, it can generate emotions that cloud your ability to see the obvious. Personally, this has happened to myself many times, and I should know better. You just want the pain to end and you don’t care that the pain serves a purpose in your life. But, I’m here to tell you that the first step in eliminating your pain is to understand your pain.

The purpose of pain is to protect injured tissues of the body.

Your pain exists to protect you in two ways: 

  • First, pain makes you conscious of an injury. For example, if you cut your foot, the pain serves to make you aware of the cut. Your awareness helps you to minimize further injury (such as infection) to your foot.

  • Second, pain serves to modify your activities and behavior. If the cut on your foot hurts when you walk on it, you will stop walking with that foot, allowing the cut to heal quicker.

Understanding that your pain is trying to protect you changes your whole perspective. No longer is your pain a monster that seeks to destroy your life. Rather, it becomes your friend, safe-guarding you from further injury.

Muscles are the most frequently injured tissues of the body.

Your muscular system is the largest organ system in your body. It gives you critical ability to move about in your environment. It is also the body tissue most likely to be injured by the activities of your daily life. Modern medicine tends to overlook the muscles as a source of pain, preferring to concentrate on the nerve and joint tissues. But in truth, joint and nerve injuries typically occur secondarily to muscle injuries.

The most common injury to a muscle is a trigger point.

Typically, when one thinks of muscle pain, they think of injuries such as muscle strains and spasms. But there is a much more common muscle injury that everyone has suffered from. It is called a trigger point. Right now, if your in physical pain, the chances are excellent that you have not just one trigger point, but multiple trigger points in your muscles.

The vast majority of physical pain is caused by trigger points.

Trigger points are the most frequent occurring injury to the largest organ system in your body. Your everyday activities, as well as accidents, falls, and physical trauma, can produce trigger points. As such, trigger points are very prevalent in many common pain disorders.

Why aren't trigger points recognized as the cause of pain?

Because the pain that they produce is not always experienced in the region of the body that has the injury. Trigger point pain protects the muscle by preventing you from using it. Often this means that the pain is experienced in the joint and/or appendage that is moved by the injured muscle and not in the muscle itself. This can make it confusing for patients and doctors to truly understand the source of the pain. If we make the effort to really "listen" to the pain and understand what it is trying to tell us, quick and effective treatment becomes possible.

Trigger Point Pain Mapper

Are you in pain?

Learn about what trigger points could be causing your pain with Dr. Perry's Trigger Point Pain Mapper.

Learn Clinical Trigger Point Therapy from Dr. Perry

Are you a healthcare professional and would like to add Clinical Trigger Point Therapy to your skill set ? Or perhaps you just want to be a layman practitioner and help your family and friends eliminate their physical pain?

Dr. Perry offers a complete online course at our sister site The online course is self-contained and open to professionals and laymen alike.


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She also teaches her proven Clinical Trigger Point Therapy treatment protocols in private classes and weekend classes to therapists, chiropractors, doctors, and other healthcare professionals .

Learn TrPT

Clinical Services

What to Expect as a Patient of Dr. Perry

Dr. Perry practices a system of clinical bodywork called Clinical Trigger Point Therapy. The essence of the system is to allow the patient's pain to direct the treatment. In this manner, each clinical session is customized to the individual patient. This is achieved by constant interaction and feedback between the Dr. Perry and the patient. A typical clinical treatment consists of the following components:

  • A brief history (or update) of the patient's pain is discussed.

  • Based on this information, Dr. Perry will begin examining the patient for common trigger points.

  • During this process, the patient is asked to give constant feedback as to the location and severity of their pain. This will aid Dr. Perry in quickly finding the responsible trigger points.

  • This process is not a test of the patient's pain tolerance, the patient is is control of the pain's intensity at all times. Dr. Perry will elicit only enough pain to guide the treatment.


General Treatment Information

  • Dr. Perry provides all clinical services.

  • A clinical session generally lasts from 25-40 minutes.

  • Trigger Point Therapy consists of hands-on "pressure point" type of massage and specialized stretching techniques.

  • The joint manipulation component of the treatment is either traditional Chiropractic manipulation or a Soft tissue release type of manipulation for those patients who would prefer not to receive traditional Chiropractic manipulation.

  • All work is done with the patient's clothes on.

  • Most acute pain disorders typically take 2-3 treatments to achieve lasting pain relief. If the pain is a chronic condition, it may take 4-8 treatments to achieve lasting pain relief.

  • After a session you should expect to feel looser and more relaxed (reduced muscle tension). Though it is likely that your pain will be significantly reduced after a session, in some acute pain situations it may take several hours for the involved muscles to relax and provide significant pain relief.


  • Initial Appointment: $100

  • Regular Appointments: $80

Your initial visit can last up to 45 minutes. Please call or text Dr. Perry at 713-962- 4934 to book your first appointment. After your first visit, all additional treatments are $80.

Payment can be made with cash, check, or credit / debit card.

Contact Dr. Perry


17629 El Camino Real  Suite #184

Houston Texas 77058

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