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Dr. Laura Perry, Trigger Point Therapist and Instructor in Houston, Texas

Experience counts with Trigger Point Therapy

With nearly twenty years of experience in practicing and teaching Clinical Trigger Point Therapy, Dr. Laura Perry provides the expertise you need to achieve the results that you want. 

Dr. Perry continues to practice part-time at a colleague's office near Nasa in south Houston's Bay Area. Per her style, she keeps her practice informal and one-on-one. If you book an appointment with Dr. Perry, you will speak only to her. No fancy office or equipment, just you, a table, and Dr. Perry with her amazing hands-on skills.

About Dr. Perry

Dr. Laura Perry began her healthcare education in 1994 by attending the Texas Chiropractic College. Eager to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a healthcare professional, she studied with great energy and discipline. She graduated from the Texas Chiropractic College in 1998 with Academic Honors and immediately began her career as a chiropractic physician.

 As someone who had aspired her whole life to be in a position to genuinely help people, Dr. Perry’s entry into the healthcare industry came as a rude awakening. Not only did she feel unprepared to truly help people, she discovered that most members of her profession really only cared about making money, and could care less about actually helping people. Worse yet, she found that most of the patients that she was seeing were involved with litigation, and like the doctors, cared only about making money. It seemed like the whole industry was a sham. Needless to say, Dr. Perry was very frustrated and depressed. Her simple dream to help people, seemed unrealistic and unattainable.

Unsatisfied with the effectiveness of her Chiropractic skills, she began to look into other systems of healthcare that she could employ in her quest to help people in physical pain. Despite their claims of miraculous results, Dr. Perry was disappointed with the clinical effectiveness of the therapies available to her. About a year later, she discovered, or more accurately “re-discovered”, the work of Drs. Janet Travell M.D., and Dr. David Simons M.D.. They had written a two volume medical textbook titled Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual. Within these books, Dr. Perry found a “gold mine” of outstanding medical research that detailed and described the mechanisms of physical pain like no other textbook or medical school curriculum in the world. She immediately began to translate the methods and principles of the textbooks into a clinical system that she could employ in her daily practice.

The results of this new system were fantastic. In most cases, her patients were completely out of pain in one or two treatments. Each patient become a learning experience, as Dr. Perry continued to refine and improve her clinical protocols. More than 10 years after she began her quest to fulfill her dream of helping people, she was finally actually living her dream. Dr. Perry continues to practice and teach her system of Clinical Trigger Point Therapy to fellow healthcare professionals.

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